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How to Program a Radio Shack Pro 2038 Scanner?

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How to Program a Radio Shack Pro 2038 Scanner?

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1 Answers

  1. jemes on May 29, 2013 Reply


    1. Set the “Memlock” switch on the back of the scanner to “Off.” New frequencies can now be programmed into a channel bank.

    2. Press “Prog” when you find a frequency you want to save. “CH” will flash on the back-lit display. The scanner displays “Hold” and the number of the frequency.

    3. Press the “Private,” “Police” or “Fire/EMG” button to assign the frequency to a frequency bank. The Pro-2038 will display “Hold” and the bank you have selected. The frequency number you have selected will flash alternately with a frequency and channel number. The channel number will be the lowest empty channel in the frequency band and the frequency will show “000.0000”. If the frequency band has no empty channels, the channel of the last stored frequency will display with the stored frequency.

    4. Press “Prog” to store the frequency in the displayed channel. Press the up and down arrows beside the “Hold” button to scroll through the saved frequencies in the channel band to select a different channel and press “Prog.” The scanner will display “Hold,” Scan,” the channel number, the frequency band and the frequency number. If you select a channel that has a programmed frequency, the new frequency will overwrite the old one. Turn the “Memlock” switch to “On.” This prevents accidental erasure of the new frequency.

    5. Turn the “Memlock” switch to “Off.” Frequencies can now be deleted. Press the “Search” button, then press the “Band” button to select a band. The scanner displays the frequency range for the band and “SRCH.” The scanner will begin to search the band. Press “Hold.” Press “Prog.” “CH” flashes on the LCD screen.

    6. Press the up or down arrows until the display reads “000.0000.” Press “Private,” “Police” or “Fire/EMG” to choose the bank that has the frequency you want to delete. Press the up or down arrow key to find the channel with the frequency to be deleted. Press “Prog.” The frequency will be replaced by the empty frequency. Turn the “Memlock” switch to “On.”

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