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How to Retrieve Email When Deleted From Trash?

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How to Retrieve Email When Deleted From Trash?

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1 Answers

  1. sam on Jun 04, 2013 Reply


    1. Launch a Web browser and navigate to Yahoo Mail (see Resources).

    2. Log in to the Yahoo account by providing your Yahoo ID and password.

    3. Decide on the account rollback time. It should be about one hour before you deleted the message from the Trash. For example, if a message was deleted from the Trash at 5:15 p.m., choose the mailbox reset time for 4:15 p.m.

    4. Save, print or forward to another account all messages received after the time selected in Step Anything you receive after that time will be removed when the mailbox is restored.

    5. Click on another browser tab and navigate to the Yahoo Mail/Messenger Restore Help Form (see Resources).

    6. Enter your name and make sure the correct entries are in the drop-down menus. Yahoo will fill in your email address and alternate email address from their database.

    7. Select a problem description from the drop-down menu.

    8. Select the month, date and time (15-minute increments) that you determined earlier for the restore time.

    9. Click “Submit” on the bottom of the page.

    10. Continue monitoring the mailbox and keep backing up all incoming messages until the restore process is complete.

    11. Yahoo will send a confirmation email to the alternate account when the process is complete, usually six to eight hours.

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